Theme parks, budget hotels, dentists and passports.

*Just sitting here in the waiting room of the dentist and thought I start another blog post. *

As the title suggests I thought I give you a piece of my mind on theme parks. You see for Christmas last year we bought ourselves the premium Merlin Passes. Premium you say, wouldn’t just the Merlin Passes have been enough? I don’t know about you but I don’t always have loose change with me so we opted for the premium as that has parking included. We all know how annoying it can be to have to pay for parking.

First things we tried out with our Merlin passes were SeaLife Brighton which is a wonderful thing for the boys “Fish! Fish!” You heard all the time, even when they weren’t actually fish. Nowadays they do differentiate, thanks to the Octonauts! Marvellous program the “octonauts” already teaching little toddlers about the sea and marine life. We did have the opportunity to meet a life sized Kwazi & Cpt. Barnacles but the boys were rather shy and didn’t want to.

Apparently the little tour on the glass bottom boat isn’t usually included in the free entry with the Merlin passes but because we went the first time out of season and it was rather quiet we seem to have had the luck that we didn’t have to pay for it. It was very exciting for the boys to see all the fish, crabs, turtles etc. the only thing was they didn’t want to sit down and look. They did get a bit damp and dirty but hey that’s what kids do isn’t it?

* so now back in the waiting room after having had an X-ray taken of a tooth that might have become infected, the annoying thing there is that this tooth has an expensive crown on top ( NHS dentist but still that crown and everything that went with it was £220 ) and now it seems that the tooth might have to be taken out anyway? What did I pay the money for the crown for then? *

Anyway getting back to the sealife centre. On further visits to sealife centres we decided not to go on the boat tour because it can be quite expensive if you are there with a group of people. We’ve been a few times now to different sea life centres.

First time we went to chessington we went out of season, most of the rides were still closed, there were a few open and the zoo part was open too. So we still had a fab day there. Next time we went was the first time it was open in the new season and it was even better. We especially enjoyed the runaway train and the bubble works ride. All in all Chessington was a great success with our boys the times we have been there now.

We also made it our mission to go to Legoland as soon as it opened for the season which was late March. It was absolutely wonderful. Eddie is one big speed freak, even though he is only small he absolutely loves anything fast. Basically there doesn’t seem to be anything too high or too fast for him. He does take after his mother in that respect.

I do have to admit I have a moderate fear of heights. Well not so sure it is just a fear of heights. I’m fine in a plane, fine in most lifts ( completely incased in glass and going really fast is my idea of hell ) but I can’t get myself to go down a very steep slide. I have problems going up ladders that are very steep & quite wobbly. So my other son might Alex might have gotten a little of that from me. Some of the rides Eddie really wants to go on Alex really doesn’t.

We went on one of these pirate ship rides ( the back & forth motion kind ) and I absolutely cannot handle this kind of motion in a ride. I have a lot less problems on tamer roller coasters, like the runaway train types, but this is a big no no as I found out.

* as I hadn’t blogged for 8 months as I was dedicating any spare time to me, my boys and my wife, this is the second day I am writing this. At the moment on the train to London to pick up my passport from the Embassy. *

We’ve been to Legoland twice now. The second time we went together with good friends of ours ( the Dixon family ) during half term as both their kids are already in full time education. Trying to que with two 2 year olds can be an absolute nightmare. The rides we did get on we’re absolutely fabulous though. And Sophie, Theo, Nicola & John had a great time too!

So the first time we decided to head off for a few days away was late last year. Did I actually blog about that? I don’t think I had?

We went to a little town called Acle situated between Norwich and Great Yarmouth. We looked at hotels in the area and with toddlers in two we thought it probably be easiest and cheapest to stay at a travelodge.

That was wonderful. A bit off the beaten track but still reasonably central to what we wanted to do. We explored the area. Met up with some friends in Norwich and went to Gt. Yarmouth and to the Pettitts Animal Adventure Park ( @PettittsReedham ) ( Pettitts Facebook page ) which was just amazingly beautiful and the boys really enjoyed themselves! if you are the area you should definitely go and see it, we loved it.

* I am on train back from London now, having picked up my new passport. So I am finally rid of that ghastly picture of me in my old passport! *

Not to bore you too much and waffle on and on and on I shall leave it at that. The next instalment shall be about the time we went to Thorpe Park, up to Blackpool, up to Alton Towers and fell in love with the area in Norfolk around King’s Lynn.

none of this post was in anyway commercially motivated, it is all just personal opinions & experiences

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  1. love that juxtapose pleasure and pain so well here, and real life. Fab post. We are off to the Sea Life centre in Brum tomorrow, I liked the one in Brighton more, but you have reenthused me for the trip!

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