The trials & tribulations of moving house!

we have finally moved into our new house. A house that’s huge, bigger than anything I ever lived in before. It will be the perfect place to bring up our boys. We’re not planning on moving again for at least 15 to 20 years. We envision to possibly sell this place and move somewhere smaller […]

No social media February is over

hi there! So today is Sunday 1st of March. I’ve done it, a whole month with as little social media as possible. There have been a few sheduled tweets, the obligatory “blog archive posts” which are automated. But certainly no actual interaction on Twitter or facebook for a month.  I have to say I missed […]

Recipes even a dad like me can do part 3

Here is another recipe in the series “Recipes even a dad like me can do” Tuna & Sweetcorn Pasta You’ll need the following ingredients: Depending on how many people you want to be cooking this for, you might want to double or treble the ingredients to this ( in this instance this should serve 2 […]

Recipes even a dad like me can do pt 2

Here now is the next instalment in the series “recipes even a dad like me can do!” Spanish Chicken To give us a bit more variety we tend to serve this with either rice, pasta or even mash. For this recipe I’ll go with mash though. For this recipe you will need the following ingredients: […]

Recipes even a dad like me can do!

Having talked to Vicki Psorias aka @honestmummy she said that this linky with the hashtag #tastytuesday she hosts is for all matter of tasty treats. Not just properly written down, measured recipes, also for vague recipes, and restaurant & takeaway reviews. So in the spirit of this here is the first in a series of […]

What really grinds my Gears 3

I’m a big fan of “Family Guy” and Seth McFarlane so hence one of my first rants was entitled What really grinds my Gears which was based on a storyline in an epsiode of Family Guy! So what has rubbed me up the wrong way recently? Well pull up a chair and let me tell […]

Bye bye social media!

Bye bye social media! So we have found a wonderful property we would like to buy if things go according to plan with the finances? Apart from that there seems to be a little bit of a problem. What’s the problem you may say? Well the problem is that I am not very organised, nor […]

welcome to our family Charlie


Welcome to our family Charlie   After making the mistake of getting the wrong breed of dog for us and especially our boys ( I wrote about this in my last post entitled a dog is for life not just for christmas ) we waited a few weeks, did some research and found the right […]

A dog is for life, not just for Christmas!


Merry Christmas everybody! I was going to write all about the thoughts, research, talks and visits to people with dogs and puppies. But due to an honest and frank discussion whereby we looked at it more objectively and weighed up the pros and cons. We have, with a heavy heart, decided to give the dog, […]

What is family?

I’m sitting here at the dinner table at my sisters house, my niece & nephew are playing with my boys which gives me time to write this! It is strange, don’t you think? One would assume that you have more contact with your actual parents than with your step sister ( from my dads 1st […]

Car troubles and the annoyances this brings with it.


So we recently had problems with my reasonably new car starting ( it’s a 60 reg so only about 4 years old ) and the person I bought it from, the proprietor of a lovely little rural Garage in Terrington St Clement charlies service station even came out to us ( half an hour drive […]

Holiday pt 3

So in part 2 I spoke about food mostly, now here in part 3 I want to talk about theme parks, zoos, and the disappointment that was for one the original Mc Donald’s and Virgin Atlantic. Let’s start with the theme parks. As we all know looks & size wise there can be not a […]

Esate Agents love ’em or hate ’em

Sitting here in a room at a travelodge in Long Sutton near King’s Lynn not being able to go back to sleep even though I am dog tired I thought I tell you about my perception of the level of service I have received from the estate agents we got our new house through. I […]

Holiday pt. 2


Hey there. So in part 1 i was talking about the journey and arrival to our holiday destination. This time I want to talk about food & shopping. As Florida heavily relies on tourism,to finance the whole of the state, it is not surprising that the service is unbelievably friendly, courteous, attentive and all round […]


Hey there everyone! we are on Holiday. In the weird & wonderful US of A. Davenport, Florida to be exact. We’re are here with my Sister in law Cathy and her Husband Paul. Let’s rewind to Wednesday for a bit. So on Wednesday I took the boys over to see their grandparents and I came […]

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